Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Lost" is a story Ponzi.

My beard seems to be speeding up.

A customer who hadn't seen me for awhile, said I looked like Santa Claus.



"McDonald could return to 911 as dispatcher."

In a high pitched voice, I say:



So the reason that faux Jason Evers was placed on administrative leave from the OLCC since last Thursday is because "...he didn't show up for work."

"Because otherwise, Mr. John Doe is doing a terrific job!!!"

O.K. They didn't really say that last bit.


"Bank of the Cascades posts 22.3 million dollar loss."

This is why I don't get all that excited by the 6 mill. that the "big time" California investors are putting into Bend real estate. I mean, check out the 137.56 million dollar loss 5 quarters ago. Six consecutive quarterly losses. This is just one local bank.

One has to wonder what the true damage is, without the "Mark to Market" changes; and one has to wonder how much "Pretend and Extend" is being done. The Commercial R.E. problem is still looming...

I don't understand the stock split idea. See this here dollar? I'm going to rip it in half! Now it's worth twice as much!

This works?

No wonder the financial world is so screwed up....


Green this, green that.

Why do have the suspicion it's just a way to add costs and gussy up the pig?


FCBD was a big success.

But -- I say this in all humility -- I sure wish I saw at least some of these young families and kids the rest of the year. Not because I want more sales, (not just) but because I'd like to believe these kids really really do like comics.

But at least we have the first Saturday in May.


I'm pretty sure the last episode of "Lost" will be the creators getting on camera and admitting they've been leading us on, feeding us one bit of storyline to answer another storyline, and then another storyline to answer that storyline, but really -- they have no answers and no clue how to end the show.

They're the Bernie Maddoff's of Television.


BENDBUST said...

Most hilarious on the note of Bend's ugliest woman, and the BendFucked(tm) BankofBend charade aka CACB.

Is that CACB announced today a 7 to 1 reverse stock split. Seems that NASDAQ has given Bend's ugliest until June2010 to get that bitch above one-dollar.

Ever's is really a blah story. The angle NOT being told is close 100's of $1,000's of dollars is NOW due back to tavern owners for fraudulent fines issued by Evers. Note he was always backed-by the HO's in Salem running OLCC. I think most interesting is seeing if the good folks of Bend can get their money back from SALEM-HO's. I know virtually EVERY PUB in Bend is owned about $20k, and this is dozens and dozens of PUB's.

Also which maybe escaping the BIG-BULL and mental-midget-SORE(source) is that LesSchwabAmp had virtually NO CONCERTS last year because EVER's shut it all down, most likely extortion IMHO. I think they had 5 rather than 25, we're talking 100's of 1,000's of LOST revenue to the LesSchwab facility. So now OLCC is going to get sued by LSA, and anybody and all in the booze biz.

Ever's is a small story, why he was allowed to shake-down Bend biz in the worst economy since the depression is the REAL FUCK STORY.

Compeche. out.

Jack Goodman said...

Oh Dunc...I hope that "Lost" doesn't leave us that way. I had so much faith in the show then Brian K Vaughn left this season and well...I'm worried. Only 2 regular episodes and one long one left and I'm not satisfied. I was on board till this season and now this is seeming more and more like a cheap wrap up.