Saturday, May 1, 2010

Roof, roof, roof...

So last Friday, just as we're ready to leave for our vacation, the roofers are putting on the new shingles.

My son, Toby, was visiting (one of the reasons were so discombobulated about our planning the trip), anyway, they're making quick work of it, and I'm thinking it will all be done by the time we get back.

At the last minute, we had told the roofer we wanted to go for the 50 year roof with the deeper colors.

When I looked at the shingles, I was really disappointed in the color -- it just looked blah.

"How would we know whether they put the 30 year or the 50 year shingles on?" I joked. "Because those don't look right..."

"I guess you'd know in about 30 years," Toby says.

Not ten minutes later, I get a call from my roofer. "My supplier delivered the wrong shingles, and my guys didn't check and I'm not happy," he said. "We'll get you the right shingles, but it won't be until Monday."

So we missed the beautiful weather. When we came home Monday evening, the tar paper had been reinstalled, but the shingles were still waiting....

Oops, I'm thinking. Have we missed the right weather?

Thank god for google. Apparently, you can install a roof in the rain as LONG as the tar paper is down. I sure hope that is true... Hopefully, they had most of it down before the downpour on Tuesday afternoon.

Feeling a little snake bit, and at least partially blaming myself for being so indecisive about the kind of roof I wanted. I know from my business, whenever you make last minute changes things can go wrong.

Note: The roof is up and looks fine. It doesn't stand out, particularly, but like I said, I'm not sure roofs are supposed to stand out.

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blackdog said...

"Apparently, you can install a roof in the rain as LONG as the tar paper is down."

Right. It's the tarpaper that actually keeps the water out -- the shingles or shakes or whatever just protect the tarpaper (and improve the aesthetics).