Saturday, May 1, 2010

Leftover tidbits.

I love how this always happens.

The comic news site, ICV2 has an article detailing how manga has stopped selling as well in the mass market, and how this was an opportunity for the independents to dive back in....

Gee....thanks alot. Now that it's stopped selling so well, I should just reinvest? Never mind that I lost my shirt the first and second time?

They said the same thing about sports cards, and just about every other product I've ever carried that the mass market stomped all over. Even if it's true that there is a SMALL opportunity, I don't have the taste for it.

The manga kids are pretty much on their own.

Besides, they'll just pirate it from online anyway. Um.....that's WHY sales are down.


Man, talk about your death spirals.

I forgot to take my laptop on vacation, so hankering for news, I went to buy a newspaper from a vending machine. A Sunday Oregonian.

It was 3.00!!!

Grumbling, I went into the supermarket to get change, and bought one. Sadly, I didn't notice was a Saturday paper. Ended up buying a San Francisco Chronicle for another 3.00.

So they're intending to drive people online? Is that it?

Good plan....

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