Friday, February 28, 2014

Handing out postcards.

Spent a full day handing out postcards at the store.  I just decided to approach everyone, in a very soft way, just hand them the card -- which looks nifty by the way.  It has the cover of the book, which everyone seems to like, and then the information on the back.  Looks very professional.

Anyway, about halfway through the day, it occurred to me that I could take the edge off the request -- make it less pushy -- if I mentioned that there was a "free sample" at Amazon that they could read, and if they liked it, then they could buy the book.

I've printed up enough of the postcards that I'm going to instruct Matt and Cameron to give them to everyone who comes in the door -- but they are to do it very softly.  No hard sell.  Mention the "free sample."

It probably is about as effective as "cold calls" -- maybe more, because it is a personal approach -- but I'm not concerned.  If one in 50 check out the book, so be it.

I'm taking the attitude that every little bit helps.

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