Monday, February 24, 2014

A few more days of talking about my book, then back to writing.

I'm watching the social media sites for another couple of days -- I want to be responsive to anyone who mentions me or contacts me.  I'll probably remind everyone who bought Led to the Slaughter to post a review in a few days.

Then I'm moving on.  I need to start writing again.

I scrolled through the list of best-selling horror books yesterday.  The first 4000 or so.  There are some big names and big titles all the way through that list.  Books of the Dead has an impressive showing.  A good number of books at the at the higher end of the list.  This publisher is the real deal.  Which I knew, but still a pretty good result.

So I'm hoping he has some mojo to boost my book.  I've tried to do my part, getting reviews.  But I could have every friend I know buy the book and it wouldn't be a big enough number to push the needle much.  Not that I don't utterly appreciate it.  If that's all that happens, I'll still be happy.

My biggest goals were to find a paying publisher, and to have physical copies in my store, and it looks like both of those goals are fulfilled.

Still...I wouldn't mind more than that...

You do get the sense that every effort to get people to notice your book only pushes the needle slightly. 

That there are bigger forces at play.

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