Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What is needed.

Took my rewritten first chapter of Deeptower to writer's group last night.   (Deeptower is a sequel to a book I wrote 30 years ago which I still think has possibilities...)

The group quite rightly tore it apart.

The motivations of the main character weren't clear, in fact I didn't give the reader much reason to care about him.

But even as they were critiquing, I was getting a sense of how to fix it.

More and more I'm realizing what is needed in a book.  Especially the beginning.  I just have to keep doing it until it works.

Meanwhile, despite every intention of waiting until Friday before I started my sequel to Led to the Slaughter.  (Working title, Gold Fever -- which isn't unique enough, but need something...)  out squeezed the first couple of paragraphs.  Kind of weird.  Couldn't help it.

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