Friday, February 7, 2014

Collapsing when the pressure is off.

Sometimes you don't know you're under pressure until the pressure is off.

I slept until 10:30 this morning!

The books are in the hands of the copy-editor, after which they will be in the hands of the publisher, and my work is done.  I almost don't know what to do with myself.  I'm thinking I'm going to try to do some catchup on reading and going to movies.

Linda and I are trying to go on our little 3 and 4 day vacations to places, though that is quickly getting expensive staying in motels.  But it really is good for the soul to visit new places, even if it is just to wander around aimlessly.  Actually, I kind of like wandering around aimlessly.

Last month we went to Eureka, California.  It kind of reminded me of Bend, circa 1995 or so.  I really liked it at first, but the more we were there the more I noticed the homeless people.  They were all over the place.  Income inequality indeed.

Wandering around, we found the zoo and spent a morning there.  That was unexpected fun.

Visited the bookstore in Arcata and some of the outlying areas.  Tried to talk to the owners, most of whom -- as usual, and I know this sounds conceited -- didn't seem to have any real idea what they were doing...

But even on this trip, I got a writing bug and spent much of the time working on the re-write of Led to the Slaughter.  I was making really quality changes and didn't think I could pass up the opportunity.  On Sunday night, while Linda watched True Detective and Sherlock, (which are two of my favorite shows) I barely looked up.  I've watched them since, and realized that I hadn't paid any attention to them, I was so deep into rewriting.

My eyes hurt.  Just really burn.  I think I need a break from staring at a computer screen.

I should give myself a chance to relax -- as a reward for accomplishing what I set out to do.

I'll give myself the luxury of waiting for inspiration for a month or two, before going back to a writing schedule.


Jack said...

"I should give myself a chance to relax -- as a reward for accomplishing what I set out to do."

Yes, yes you should. 10:30?!? I haven't slept past 7:30 since . . . I don't know when. Good job, man.

Duncan McGeary said...

By the way, I'm glad that you're back to blogging.