Thursday, February 27, 2014

Going to press.

I was told by my publisher that Led to the Slaughter is going to the printer today.

So not long now.  I'll be able to hold the book in my hands --which to me will be exciting.

Went out to the Badlands with my new writing dedicated laptop and wrote the first 1000 words of the sequel.  With Virginia Reed as the protagonist.

It was freezing outside, but I just had to get out of the house.  With my new laptop, I intend to write in places other than my little room.  What happens is that a short walk will bring a scene to mind, and I'll mull it over while I walk back to the car.  I'll write it down, and keep going until I run out of ideas.  Then I get out of the car and go for a walk and do it again.

So any tracker who found my footsteps would be very confused.  I keep tramping the same 100 yards and back.   Getting the car muddy. 

Doesn't matter.  Whatever works.

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