Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Amazon and me -- I love it, I hate it, I love it, I hate it.

Jack has a bit of a call-out on his blog, saying this:

"I was about to write to Duncan McGeary and ask him whether he's read the article about Amazon in the New Yorker, but I see that he already read it."

 I have a tawdry relationship with Amazon.  Like an abused spouse. 

My publisher believes that 'mid-list' print books don't do well in bookstores -- and I think he's right.  So he sells only on Amazon.  (He sells the e-books on all digital platforms).

He sells the print book at conventions, and he sells on Amazon, and he gets more of the slice.  As the author, I get a discount, but not as big a one as I would get from a wholesaler.  Just enough to make it worthwhile for me.  (Like I wouldn't carry my own book!)

So, as a writer I'm completely dependent on Amazon.

As a bookstore owner, the opposite.  

But I have always said, the big box stores are way more damaging to my business.  Because going online takes what I call "The extra click."  Online customers are already lost to me, so I'm competing for the customers who buy from stores, and that's where the big boxes hurt.

Either way, I have to make my peace with it.

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