Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's been all of three days.

I was pretty aggressive yesterday.  Contacting people and asking them point-blank to buy my book.  Not a comfortable thing to do -- and I'm not sure how I would respond if it happened to me.

I tried to make it clear that I had no expectations.  And apologized if I was out of bounds.

One person did tell me I was "out of bounds."  I told her, "Thank you for telling me."  I actually am glad she told me, on the basis of the old rule of thumb that if one person complains outloud a bunch of other people are thinking. 

I was hoping I had a little goodwill to expend...

I think, actually, most people are nicer than me.  Most people took in the spirit in which it was offered.  But yeah, not my usual style.

I've been mulling over the book.  It feels "real" to me.  A complete book.  Done.

Which I don't always feel.

Meanwhile, I had sent my friend Paul the third book of the Vampire trilogy since he had liked the first two books.   He got back to me and told me that Blood of Gold was the "best yet."  And that I was a "GOOD" writer.  He said that twice, capitalized.  "GOOD."

That felt good, too.

So I swore I wasn't going to hover, and I've done nothing BUT hover.  I have to remind myself that it's been all of 3 days.   Patience.  Understanding.  Peace.

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