Saturday, February 1, 2014

Theme music while I write.

I've always wanted to write a book while listening to the same music -- theme music, if you will.

When I read Lord of the Rings, as a young teenager, my older brother, Mike, was playing the lead in a community theater production of The Fantasticks.  So that album was on, it seemed, every hour, every day, for weeks.

Now, when I hear that music, the nostalgia for Middle Earth is so strong, I could cut it with a knife.

Obviously, if I want to try to produce that feeling, the album has to be good enough for me to listen to that many times.

I've been listening to the Beatles lately -- I have a big boxed set of all their music.  But those are the theme songs of my youth, essentially.  So doesn't quite work in the specific.

I thought of Born to Run, which I seem to have an endless appetite for.  Or London Calling.

Or maybe I should try something new.  Maybe I should do something classical.  I could probably listen the Beethoven for weeks.  Maybe the 9th.

I don't know.  The idea always falls through, somehow.  I forget, or I get tired of the music.  But I'm sure if I can find the right music, that is will serve as a trigger while I'm writing.

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