Saturday, February 8, 2014

All cocoony like.

Slept in again this morning.  Not even going to try to get my newspaper from beneath the snow in the driveway.  Hey, pedestrians, stay home -- my sidewalk won't be snow-shoveled this day!  I may try to get some of the snow off the deck, before it starts to get too heavy.

Meanwhile, I'm assuming the main roads are getting plowed, and presuming my employee Matt will make it to the store.  Though I doubt many customers will.  Still, haven't closed for weather in 30 years and don't want to start now.

This is going to cost us money, for sure.  

So today will be Netflix day.  For some reason, the movies I gravitate to most are the documentaries.  Saw "Good Ol' Freda" yesterday, which is about the Beatle's secretary for 11 years; and then started watching a documentary about Drew Struzen, the artist to all the Indiana Jones and Star Wars and many other movie posters.

The first is really about a average girl who turned out to have great integrity and honesty; the second seems to be about a man with great talent, but who seems humble and grateful.  I don't know -- maybe they are real terrors in real life, but I like the Karmic message in these movies.

Can't seem to concentrate on reading a book, for some reason. 

Just letting myself relax for awhile.  Not try to do any writing.  Letting my eyes get a rest.

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