Saturday, February 22, 2014

Reviews are the biggest factor.

I"m being told by my publisher that the biggest single factor for sales on Amazon is a review.  So I'm asking everyone to please buy Led to the Slaughter and give it a positive review.


I'm hoping to get a push behind this.  Hey, wouldn't you like to know a best-selling author?

If you have to order from Smashwords, I need reviews there too.

I think this is the moment when I get some momentum...or I don't.  So I'm asking.  It would be a huge favor.

So this is the big push, people.  This is when it counts.  Over the next ten days I could really make an impact, if I can just get some reviews in there.  Some sales.  Just get the momentum going, and who knows where it will lead?

So if you have been reading this blog for years, I humbly ask that you do me the favor of buying my book and posting a good review.  Does that sound fair?

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