Saturday, February 22, 2014

Frontline on social media.

I'm an amateur.  Hell, I'm not even an amateur, I haven't even begun to learn the rules of the game.

If social media is where it's at, I'm not at there...wherever 'at' is.

Thing is, it all makes intuitive sense.  I can see the outlines of it.

I have a person I thought was a friend, and I've been putting up with his torrent of video and pictures on Facebook, and I was talking to him the other day and it became clear to me that while I was getting his vomit-ous output, he wasn't getting anything from me.

"Is it text?" he asks.  "Cause I don't do text."

Well, I went home and deleted him, feeling kind of hurt.

But that documentary made it clear that's what it's all about with that age group.

But you know, someone has to create the original content for them to all text and like and such.


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