Monday, February 10, 2014

Fits and hats.

I spent all day shoveling the snow.  It is so easy to over exert, for a 61 year old guy who doesn't exercise.

A few years back I cheerfully shoveled the walk and came back in and nearly keeled over.  You don't even know it's happening.


Spent much of the day reading the New York Times Book Reviews I have piled up.

Came to the conclusion that most writers are self-serious and pompous and most "literary" books are boring and depressing.  Sorry can't read one more book about depressing topics.


Watched the Beatles tribute last night and it was...ok.  I mean, those people are talented.  But ultimately, the song covers are almost never as good as the originals.   The whole show was so over-produced, it was off-putting.  I kept thinking, what if they just had an open mike and people came up all rough and just did their thing?  Would be interesting, less packaged, more unpredictable.

And there's something just...I don't know.....cold, about Paul.  (And Yoko really is weird.)


The last few days have just crushed business.  So my reserves, which I thought were plentiful, are being quickly depleted.

Of course, I'd just overspent by restocking the store over the last few weeks, because January was pretty good. 

Of course, that's the way it always seems to play out.  Good business, spend money, bad business.  Gotcha.

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