Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zombies who sound like birds.

Linda and I were in Crescent City for four days.  Sun shining the first day, cool and wet the rest of the time, which was just as well because I dove into Rules for Vampire, my new book.  Most of the setting is in Crescent City, so I was just soaking up the atmosphere.

Linda has been trying to sell a piece of land down here for her niece who lives in Minnesota.  We thought about buying it, but it a very odd piece of land and would need to be logged (redwoods!) and so on and then our vacation spot would HAVE to be Crescent City.  Which is sort of a sad sack of a town.  I mean, I love the terrain and I love the beach, so I could hack it.   But for the same money as buying and developing the land, we could stay in motel rooms the rest of our lives anywhere we choose to go.  (Same goes for a decent motor home or trailer.)

Finally went to a movie yesterday, WWZ.


Even without knowing that they had severely recut the movie, I think the third act would have been kind of soft.  It was like the huge movie that was building and building and then suddenly turns into a little drama inside a building.  Somehow OK but not Great.

I'd like to see the Russian battle scenes they cut someday.

At the end of the movie Linda started making zombies noises -- she's really good at it.  "No, no" she says, when I try, "you do it on the inhale."  We started clicking our teeth together.

We always sit through the credits, and there were just two young men near the front of the theater so we ran down the isle making loud zombie noises and they jumped out of the seats and screamed --

No, not really.  I wish we'd had the guts to do it.

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