Thursday, June 13, 2013

Superman go splat?

Superman is slowly descending on Rotten Tomatoes.  Last I checked it only had to drop one more point to be a splat.

Hey, I've been enjoying these big blockbusters all right.

But not a lot.

Because they're too much.  I keep walking out and thinking, "Why don't they divert about half the money to make another movie?  Why don't they cut down about half the fights and explosions and have a nice character building scene?

There was a time when I got tired of car chases.  I quit going to a movie if I thought it was about car chases.

I'm tired of explosions and stupid fights.  Blah. Blech.

So while I'm complaining about the aesthetics, it turns out Lucas and Spielberg are worried that the movie industry is going to implode from bigger and bigger movies that take bigger and bigger financial risks.

What's missing are nicely budgeted mid-list movies.

Of course, this seems to be happening elsewhere -- books, games, comics.

So it seems like something is huge and explosive -- or small and personal.  Nothing in-between.

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