Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Done with the first draft.

To hell with process and finishing it today.  I went ahead and finished it last night.

LED TO THE SLAUGHTER: THE DONNER PARTY WEREWOLVES is done.  At least, the first draft is.  A revision next week, and then I'm sending it to my editor.

I'm going to make a hard copy so I can make changes myself over the next month while she reads it, and anyone else I can bamboozle into reading it.

I'm rethinking whether I want to do heavy rewriting.  I kind of like the briskness of it, the simplicity.  I may just concentrate on polishing what I've written, add a few things here and there, change a few things here and there, but not look to change it too much.

Anyway, I'm done with a readable draft and it feels good.

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