Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Feels weird not to be writing.

I just realized.  I have to write something else.

Yeah, I have tons of rewriting to do.  I set Wolflander aside when I started the Donner Party Werewolves (in fact, I got the idea for it from three flashback chapters.)  I was glancing at the manuscript last night, and you know what?  It ain't bad.

So that's two books written about Cobb and Company.  I'd like this to be a series.

There is natural sequel to Death of an Immortal.  Not sure about it being a series.

I have my fantasy sitting there that needs to be picked up some day.

So even though I may be spending most of the summer rewriting, I'd still like to get started on something new.  Just to get the ball rolling.

I've had my old fantasy Sometimes a Dragon with my editor for a couple of months.  I've always liked this book, but I completely rewrote it.  I have no objective estimation of it.  Just that I've always liked it.

Deviltree is interesting, in my opinion, but I think it needs a little something more.  I'm not sure what.  The fact that it almost got bought several times by publishers thirty years ago really makes me think what I'm currently writing would have a good chance.  Linda did a critique and Martha was looking at it, so I want to use those suggestions.

This stuff is starting to stockpile a little.  Which is kind of cool.

I am going to need covers, and I don't think I can keep purchasing them if I'm not going to generate enough sales to pay for them.  So photoshopping is the answer.

For instance, I have the idea for the Donner Party Werewolves of getting a stock photo of a Conestoga wagon, placing it in a mountain scene, putting snow all around it, and then having a streak of blood in the snow as if something has been dragged past the scene.  It can all be antiqued with the old-fashioned hue.

Sometimes a Dragon?  I guess I'll probably get a stock emblem of a dragon and gussy it up.  And so on.

I know visually what I want to do, but I still need someone to do the tech manipulation.

Anyway, it feels weird not to be writing a new book...

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Andy Z said...

I would gladly design your book covers for a little store credit. :-)