Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday thuds.

Accidentally let my subscription to the Bulletin lapse for a week.  It was surprisingly OK.  I thought I'd miss it, but I didn't.  Just one more thing I didn't have to do in the morning.

I reupped the sub, though.  I do like getting the local information.


I know, I probably say it every year, but it does seem like summer is taking longer than usual to get here in Bend.


I'm suddenly getting Linda's emails on my iphone though neither one of us did anything different.  Stuff like this seems to happen to us all the time, without us asking. 

Who's in charge, here?

Not me.


I really do feel at loose ends without a current writing project, even though it's only been three days. 

It just feels wrong.


It's weird how every TV show we watch is on Sunday, now.  Especially in the summer.  So I'm just not watching TV the rest of the week.  I could care less than zero about reality shows.  Yawn.


My garden is acceptable, even though I put only two days work into it this year.  Probably needs a couple more days to really get up to snuff.  But I wanted this to be a maintenance year -- not move any plants around and see how they do.  Next year, or later this season, I may subdivide some of the healthier plants.


Visited Sunriver books on Monday.  It's really nice bookstore and I can't help but transpose it into downtown Bend.

Everyone realizes that Bend doesn't have a full-time independent bookstore, right?

Disgraceful.  Just another example of Bend's weird demographics -- of thousands of spandex wearers show up for obscure races, but not enough show up to buy a book.

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Anonymous said...

The spandex set is probably reading their books on e-readers, if at all.