Friday, June 7, 2013

I want more Werewolves -- and sooner Werewolves.

Been dreaming about the end of the book for the last two nights -- which is good because it means my subconscious is engaged.  Bad because I can't discern a solution to any of the problems I'm facing.

I did get an overall image of the Reeds being besieged in their cabin by werewolves, like the three little piggies, or Crockett at the Alamo.

Meanwhile, the most concerning thing that Jeff said in his critigue of the first half of the book was the word "slow" to describe the long journey to the Sierra's where the werewolves are fully manifested.

I wanted this to go fast, but I also wanted to show most of the events -- the 'Shortcut', etc. -- which got them in trouble. Also a chance to develop the story with Virginia and her two boyfriend rivals.

But I don't want slow.

I hint about werewolves throughout the story, but I think I need more.

I was aware that this a problem from the beginning, and my original intent was to have alternating future chapters (with werewolves) with past chapters (hints of werewolves).  In fact, it was this inspiration that got me to start writing.

But the actually writing didn't turn out that way.  Following the actual sequence of events only would have put future chapters without werewolves into past chapters, which would only delay the onslaught of werewolves even longer.

In other words -- I want more werewolves, and sooner.

The solution, I think, is the same solution I arrived at with my vampire story.  I realized when my main character wasn't going to suck a bloody swath through the citizenry of Bend, that I would need someone else to do it.

So, I think the solution is to have a parallel plot among the werewolves -- a rivalry.  So that I can get some heavy werewolf action early.  This has the added advantage in that I don't need to rewrite the plot I've already written

Everyone I tell the title of the story to, loves the "Concept" of it.  So I don't want to disappoint them by not having enough werewolves...

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