Sunday, June 23, 2013

Off I go again, another book.

Off I go again.  Another book.


I'm embarrassingly prolific.  You would think that writing so much would mean the quality would diminish, but I don't think that is happening.  If anything, it seems to me like the more I write the better the writing. I feel more confident.

I probably should stop talking about it.  But I just love doing it.  I'm sitting in a darkened room and I'm anticipating a day of writing and it is good.

I had no intention of writing a second vampire book.  But the sequel Death of an Immortal was always implied, and the beginning just seemed to come to me, so I just started writing.   I find that writing sequels are fun, because I already know the characters and the setting.

My vampires have blue blood, so I'm thinking of taking the exact same cover I used for Death of an Immortal, a mirror on a wall with blood dripping off it, and turning the color of the blood from red to dark blue.  Simple, elegant. So this is going to be an ebook, for sure.

It's going to be a good month before I get Led to the Slaughter back.  I could spend that time working on some of my completed books, but I'd rather do that after my editor has seen them first.  So that leaves me with time.

As it turns out, the Rules of Vampires are becoming more and more important and central to the story.  The first book was about redemption, I think maybe this second book is about saving loved ones.

The chapters are coming easily.

Five chapters so far, with four more chapters completely plotted out.  So as long as that keeps happening, I'll keep writing.

I guess I feel as long as the words keep coming, who am I to deny them?

I set out on this without a plan, which is a little worrying.  I swore I wasn't going to do that anymore, but the words are flowing so easily that I'm trusting that my subconscious knows what it is doing.  I think I'm going to keep in mind a minimum number of words per day, but let myself go beyond that if doesn't mean stretching myself out shape.  If the words come, I'll write them without artificial limits.

While I may not have a plot, what I do have is a sort of architecture.  I'm doing something over the last few books that I never used to do.  I'm think in terms of parts -- that is, I need a bit of this and a bit of that and also a bit of that.  A bit of suger a bit of spice.  I don't know what the bits will be made up of, just that I need them.

The plot follows.

So off I go again, as soon as I feel sufficiently awake.


Anonymous said...

Wait... are you done with your werewolf book already?

Anonymous said...

Never mind. I missed the part where you mention you're getting it back after editing.