Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Breaking the routine.

After all my talk about process, I broke the process yesterday.  I wrote the right number of words, but most of it was Chapter 3, not Chapter 25.  I extended Chapter 24, as well.

So now Chapter 25 is actually 26 because in essence, I've started my rewrite.

I've mentioned I wanted more werewolves sooner, so I was thinking about how to do this when it came to me full-blown in the shower.  Got out and went downstairs and wrote it.  I mean, I'd be crazy to turn down the gift.

This often seems to happen in the last couple of chapters -- because in some ways, I don't want to finish.  In some ways, I feel like the last chapter should be written last.

No harm done, really.  If I'd broke the process a third or halfway or even four/fifths of the way through, that might have been a problem.  But with one chapter left, it almost makes sense to hold off. 

I wrote Chapter 26 later in the day. I decided not to dramatize it.  Just let it kind of trickle down into an anticlimax of horror, which is the way the real events played out.

The last flashforward chapter will have to be the satisfying conclusion.

I realized that I left Stanton all alone in the mountains, so I just have him saying he's going to end it, and that's it.  Again, pretty anticlimactic.

So, who knows, the second draft may revive some of these dropped threads, I don't know.  But really, to tell the truth, I kind of like it the way it is.  Just needs to be polished, is all.  I might not make too many dramatic changes afterall.

I probably just need a break, you know.  And someone else's take on things.

I'm going to print out a hard copy after I revise the first draft next week.  So that I have something to work on while it's out with the others.

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