Friday, June 28, 2013

Where there are vampires, there are vampire hunters.

About to cloister myself in the bedroom -- which is the only air-conditioned room in the house -- to write for five days.

I wrote about 15,000 words last week, which is a ton.  I want to write a similar number this week.

I am literally writing faster than my editor can keep up with.

I was sort of at a cross roads when I wrapped up last week's writing and started driving home to Bend from Crescent City.  I have good vampires and bad vampires and the innocent and not so innocent humans who interact with them.

"I need something more," I said to Linda.  "Some outside element that will add to the book."

"Vampire - hunters," she said.

Well, that's just too easy, I thought.  Way too predictable.  But the more I thought about it....

So I woke up yesterday and wrote down a scene of vampire- hunters entering the story...

And off I go.

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