Friday, June 7, 2013

Skill fixing a problem my creative mind didn't know existed.

Basically, the plan is to write the plot of the book with the rolling out of events and the character development.

Then overlay a second, more action oriented plot over it.

For three of my recent books, I've used this solution to perking up my books.

I think this is a concession, in a way, to the modern sensibilities.  I think the old-fashioned narrative, leading up slowly, can't be done anymore except by extremely skilled and subtle writers.

I'm a very straight-forward writer. 

Anyway, it also improved the other two books I did it to, so I'm betting it will improve this book too.

This kind of strategic thinking is what I think they mean by Skill.  That is, my experience is telling me how to fix something that my original instinct didn't even know was a problem.

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