Sunday, June 2, 2013

The final laps.

Because of an appointment I thought I had, I didn't get any writing done yesterday.

 I did do some gardening at least.  (I feel like the cool weather as given me a reprieve on catching up on the gardening.)  It's probably just as well that I got a very nice day outside, because I'm about to close myself in a darkened room and totally immerse myself.

I was one day ahead on the writing, so no harm done as long as I keep up from here.

This is where the story really has to kick into a higher gear.  Beginning with the "Forlorn Hope" the attempt by about half the party to try to get out --  which was a disaster -- and the multiple rescue attempts.  This is where most of the deaths happened, and where things got even more desperate back at the cabins.

So I  need to up my game.  I need to really see it and hear it and feel it.

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