Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ho, hum. Another 'scandal', cried the boy who cried scandal.

Why am I not very upset by the snooping by the federal government?

For one thing, I'm not sure I don't trust Obama more than I do the media, especially when it comes to matters that impinge on the media.  In other words, I'm not sure I've seen a completely objective reporting of the matter.

So on one hand, we have Obama saying, "No big deal.  You're not getting spied on..."

And on the other hand, we have the New York Times turning on him. 

It's that turning on him that kind of gets my goat.  I mean, how many time can you keep going after Obama for things he didn't do and expect us to get all upset by things you accuse him of doing and then saying, "No really.  This time we mean it."

I've even been somewhat annoyed with John Stewart, who seems to give way more credence to these supposed "scandals" than they deserve.  False equivelency is his weakness.  To me, it all seems like "scandal-mongering" than it does actual "scandal."

Personally, I have no problem with them questioning the tax-exempt status of the Tea Party.  Seems to me to be completely appropriate.

Laying everything at Obama's feet just makes nonsense of of the entire structure of government.  I'm ready to just ignore the media altogether.


Anonymous said...

"Why am I not very upset by the snooping by the federal government?"

Because you're a liberal?

If you replaced Obama with bush in your post, would you feel the same way? Do I really need to ask .......

Duncan McGeary said...

I kind of think Bush was doing it, and it wasn't foremost of the things I disliked about him.

Someone mentioned that our privacy is already gone and that we're all complicit and thus we don't get as upset as we should be.