Monday, November 10, 2008

Odd things found in used books.

Linda found a dried, pressed leaf of a certain plant in one of her used books. "Is that what I think it is?" she asked.

"I don't know, you'll have to grind it up and smoke it...."

We're constantly finding things in books, tons of bookmarks (from all 50 states and beyond) which I've tried to get her to save, and other random pieces of literature. (I found the most pornographic letter once, which was so filthy I blushed to read the first paragraph, and immediately tossed it. It was unsigned, by the way.) In the boxes, we find toys, dvd's, mouse eaten dollar bills, small electronics, all kinds of knick knacks.

When we try to give them back, people hustle out of the store. "Nah," they wave their hands. "Just throw them away." People are just clearing stuff out, and it all gets tossed in a box.

Linda has mentioned that she'd like to write a book someday with pictures of "People Who Sleep in Bookstores." Every once in a while, she'll hear snoring and look over at the couch to see someone sprawled out. (Ahem, guilty.)

So this is a second book she could write: "Odd Things Found in Used Books."


Anonymous said...

Some used bookstore owners don't bother to clean out the books. I bought a used book the other day and found a handwritten note that contained some nice insights about the book.... Maybe you should leave that stuff in the book, Duncan.

Think about used car dealers ... Imagine what they find under the seats and in the trunks of used cars....

Keeneye said...

Oh shit. I'm sorry. I totally brought you the wrong box of used books! I'll be by in the morning to get that particular book back.


bruce said...

New post up on regarding the JRMB meeting. No signed Suterra agreement yet, although they have spent hundreds of thousands on finishing their pad out there.

Michael said...

Books are mysteries. The cover, the title, the author. They all entice you into reaching out, opening and getting captured.

I'll admit to being fascinated by used books because of their previous adventures. I absolutely love to get a book that has a "history". Scribbles, notes in the margins, and yes, even the mystery stains. My favorite is finding a book with a personal note inscribed imbuing the book with personality and genealogy.

I would also recommend leaving them as is, you might be surprised how many people buy used books for those same reasons.