Thursday, November 20, 2008


Was on my way to work yesterday, and got stuck behind a couple of cars going 30 miles an hour on the 45 speed zone, all the way from Costgo to 8th. Then at 15 miles per hour to 4th, when I saw an opening and swooped in front.

Flashing lights behind me at the traffic lights on 3rd. Sheepishly, I raise my hands to acknowledge, and he thankfully turns them off until we go through the intersection and I pull into the Bookmark's parking lot.


I get out of the car shaking my head ruefully, and say, "Sorry, I got impatient. I followed that guy all the way from Costgo."

The cop says, "At least you're not drunk."

"Uh....I don't DO that," I say in surprise.

He asks for my driver's license, and it takes me a minute to fish it out. My wallet has become a repository to all kinds of junk, none of which I actually use.

Then my registration. I open the glove compartment and find about 13 of those, and we finally find the right one.

Insurance? Again, I have about 13 and he says, "Oh, just give me an old one."

So he goes back, and I sit there for what seemed 15 minutes, feeling embarrassed and exposed.

He comes up finally. "I am giving you a warning. When you drive like that, it just irks the other drivers, and they start doing the same thing, and before you know it, chaos!!!" (I don't think he said it quite so vividly, but that's what I remember.)

I'm totally relieved, and I say, "I realize that. I won't be doing that again."

I haven't gotten a ticket for 30 years. I probably deserved one this time.

It must be my honest face.

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