Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Complete or delete?

Sometimes I wish I had a camera trained on the street outside. It would be interesting to compare a year or two ago with what's going on today.

I've been leaving the house at the same time every day for years. Timed so that I arrive just in Time, at the store. Lately, I've been arriving five minutes early, today I arrived ten minutes early. And it wasn't just green lights, either.

Tuesdays in November. Always a chance to get some work done. Did some exciting things like updating and defragmenting my computer.

Made a huge book order, and have been staring at it all day, with my finger poised above the "Complete Order" button. Over the last hour, my finger started straying over to the "Delete" button instead.

1 comment:

Quimby said...

Quimby votes for DELETE! But, I'm just a old-fashioned backward ol' fool who thinks cash is king in shitty downturns like this one.

You should setup a webcam so we can watch your mouse move back and forth over the Complete/Delete buttons!