Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dancin' on the grave.

I was going to write some soaring praise of the election; how as Americans we can be proud, of both Obama and McCain. (Personally, I think McCain is a class act, and I believe he mostly avoided the 'race' card.)

But after hours of watching teared up pundits, it seems as though the praise is pretty much covered.

Instead, I'm going in the opposite direction. My brother works in Wash. DC, and years ago he pointed out that a President can do very little against an entrenched bureaucracy. That change comes slow and unwieldy.

So while I'm jazzed, I'm also reminding myself to be patient.

I'm relieved that we have a truly smart, competent, articulate, thoughtful man in the White House. But sobered on the day after to remember that he's relatively inexperienced.

Couple of funny things. The Fox Channel (I had to watch them for awhile just to see what their reaction was....) showing the celebrators outside the White House. Now, I saw that as 'dancin' on the grave' but Fox seemed to think it innocent. Then a hand lettered sign was displayed. "Why Wait? Evict Bush Now!" and the commentator seemed actually surprised and flustered by the sentiment.

Methinks Fox hasn't figured out their world has changed.

Secondly, why did Michelle Obama wear a black widow dress? Really, go look at it.



Duncan McGeary said...

ow. My wife just weirded me out -- she said, maybe it's a messge, don't make me a black widow.


Duncan McGeary said...

Knock wood. Forgetaboutit.

Jeff said...

I didn't pay attention to what she was wearing, so went and had a look on Google images.

The dress wasn't pure black -- like you'd wear to a funeral -- there was red as well.

Anyway, what were you expecting, a Laura Bush monochromatic pantsuit? After the $150,000 clothing flap, I don't think Michelle is going to show up wearing something from Saks Fifth Avenue.

BilboBend said...

There was a sign that said "BUSH YOUR FIRED", and the camera kept flashing on it and the crowds at the rally point I was at just went wild every time the camera flashed the sign.

Anybody but BUSH or HRC.
Anybody but BUSH or HRC.
Anybody but BUSH or HRC.
Anybody but BUSH or HRC.
Anybody but BUSH or HRC.
Anybody but BUSH or HRC.

Obama set the expectations very low.

The American people get the prez they deserve. Interesting that the only real topic on the world press is that the USA voted for a black prez. That is interesting when you remember that the US is one of the most racist penal colony's on earth. Most of Europe, and Brazil, most western country's see the USA is the deep south.


Given that Wall-Street had its biggest election day jump in history, my guess is that OBAMA will be a failure in my mind, as the street obviously knows that the bailouts will continue to flow.

BilboBend said...

Sorry dunc, but time to time, we need to remind ourselves why we care about Bend.

Dear Introspective Philosophers,

I feel the need to share a primitive insight on the topic of 'reporting', e.g. rock pissing.

Journalism, when I was a kid was who,what,where,when, & WHY.

The pussy (HBM,BULL,SORE,...) can post who,what,where,when, but is incapable of a WHY .

I ONLY care about WHY, and nothing else.

A 1,000+ times in this forum I have used the analogy of the blind-men and the elephant, some touch the leg, some the ears, some the tail. The leg people see a tree, the ear people a fan, and the tail people a snake.


The pussy has NO answers, cuz he just moved here, he has NO HISTORY.

He's NOT EVEN interested in WHY??

I'm only interested in WHY.

We all PISS on the rock, and eventually a few us, share the 'whys', and we can see the elephant.

That is the fucking goal here.

Pedro Hemes Valdes Ortega said...

Looks like McCain/PALIN eked out a 306 vote victory in Deschutes County:


Bend is a racist Island of PUGS in a sea of Freedom loving dolphins.

blackdog said...


Because ...

1) The real estate/developer/builder axis provides most of the campaign cash.

2) People in Bend are terrified of doing anything that might restrain growth because we have this boom-or-bust history. Sustainable growth is regarded as a utopian dream.

3) Selling real estate is our only real industry. We cut down all the trees and sold 'em; now all we have to sell is the dirt and the view.

Miss Julie said...

Oh for heaven's sakes. Why does every innocent comment turn into Bend Oregon being bad, racist and evil? Come on guys. I'm just sayin'.

I did notice Michelle's dress, thank you Duncan.

I'm wondering if she's pregnant. I only say this 'cause it was a total camoflauge the tummy type of dress.

She's slim, elegant, and classy, and it just seemed strange to me that she'd wear something so blatently camoflouge-y.

Just my opinion of course. But if she is, I called it!

And we were talking about fashion, right?

Michael said...

I noticed the dress but gave it no relevance. I did sit engrossed by his words and passion. I am very hopeful for this country. First time in years.

The and red. The black widow comment was accurate but derogatory. How about black representing obvious race and red the blood shed due to injustice.

Middle class white guy. Not feeling guilty, just honest.

Duncan McGeary said...

"The black widow comment was accurate but derogatory."

But if it's accurate, can it be derogatory? Or do you mean...accurate but politically incorrect?

It was just something me and Linda noticed, but when I googled it, other people were putting much more dire interpretations to the whole thing.

I have no doubt it was just innocent fashion -- just wonder if no one had the audacity to point out the look might not quite be right....

But...unimportant, for sure.

Julie: I've noticed Michelle can look big one day and slender the next.

But....unimportant, for sure.

Amazing how much more race has been the discussion SINCE the election; as if everyone was holding their breath, and now they feel they can talk.

Duncan McGeary said...

Not that there's anything wrong with it.....

Michael said...

I meant if you describe someone as having rat like features you make the connection the person has rat like behavior.

Making a connection to something that has negative connotations attaches them as well. Can't think of anything pleasant a black widow spider engenders. I found it odd you made the comment when your overall outlook on Obama being elected has been positive.

A simple criticism regarding how easy it is to be distracted by meaningless observations. She picked a dress with unfortunate imagery. Now if the whole family dressed the same with spider lapel buttons we might raise some questions.

Duncan McGeary said...

I'm not sure I disagree with you.

If I had it to do over again, I might not.

And yet....I did notice. And so did my wife.

Connotations, after all, are brought by the reader.

But, yeah. I am now uncomfortable with it. I guess I underestimated the negative connotations.

Duncan McGeary said...

You know, it's like someone says something completely innocently, but in the context it comes out with unfortunate connotations.

I guess I was asking why the people around her didn't point it out.