Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Breaking even is the new going up.

Local Librarian to recommend a growing genre..." Bulletin, Nov. 11, 2008.

You'd think I'd be delighted to see this as the lead article on the front page of the Bulletin. Sadly, it was a pretty patronizing attitude; it more or less implied that graphic novels are for slow learners, or as an entry point to 'real' reading.

Sort of misses the value and complexity of the art form.

Sounds to me like she'll be looking for worthy and educational graphic novels; which may or may not be the 'best.'

Oh, well. Another step forward and another step back.


Poker losing popularity? The article doesn't use the word 'fad' but I will. Besides, how many people have to lose how much money before they realize that it's not an easy game? Before the poker fad, I don't think I put a lot of thought into the idea of gambling.

Now? I think it's a really shady activity, that tends to prey on the people who can least afford it (I'm pointing at YOU, state sanctioned lotteries!). There's a reason most cultures have frowned on gambling in it's many forms. (Just as there is a reason most cultures have frowned on borrowing, but that a whole nother kettle of fish.)


"Guide Gives Insight to Rural Living" Bulletin, Nov. 10. This kind of made me laugh. They should have entitled it, "You Know You're a Redneck When...."


Bill Friedman died. I got exhausted just reading his resume. I don't know how these civic minded guys do it, or why. Thank god some people are willing to commit so much time and energy to the process.


I've noticed that about half of the 13 or 14 spaces that were open for Lease on Greenwood have been rented over the last few months. In the midst of a major slowdown. With one holiday month ahead and then the long, slow off season.

But it just points up the fact that people open business for their own reasons, and timing is just a matter of luck. I wish them the best.


I heard a new phrase from a blog reader from the valley, whose wife works in the motel industry: "Breaking even is the New Up."

That about says it...


Anonymous said...

Bill Friedman died. I got exhausted just reading his resume. I don't know how these civic minded guys do it, or why. Thank god some people are willing to commit so much time and energy to the process.


He virtually OWNED the HOA collection racket with his CPA firm in this town.

'Civic Minded'?

How about "Put all your eggs in the city basket, and watch them like a hawk".

Up at INN@7thMTN for instance his firm was getting 10X of industry average for HOA monthly management of the books. In virtually every condo HOA in this city FRIEDMAN had his hand.

Services? At INN@7thMTN he just wasn't collecting the monthly HOA fee's he was counting HOA election ballots.

Conflict of interest?

Last year a subdivision canceled their contract with him because they lost almost $10k that he couldn't account for!!!!

Go on DUNC tell us MORE, about Bend and CIVIC PRIDE.

Duncan McGeary said...

As opposed to being a batshit crazy anonymous blogger?

RDC said...


Aren't you glad that you ran into the issues you did when you wanted to lease the larger store? You should go thank the property owner for being so unreasonable when you tried leasing the property

elindsey said...

Duncan -
Don't know if you heard it, but OPB did a show last week on graphic novels. See if you feel like it handles the topic any better.

Duncan McGeary said...

Probably would've done me in.

Certainly the stress level would have been tremendous, even if I figured out a way to get through.

So yeah, I thank my lucky stars.

Duncan McGeary said...

Those guys really know their stuff, Ethan. They are producing the very graphic novels I'm talking about when I say complex and valuable.

Michael said...


I feel for you. You see a reality of greed, theft, deception and abuse of power. Bend represents the nation writ small. Everyone can see the the national picture but don't understand it all started small, right where they live.

Your rants at the the local power structure do reveal some truths. The message is lost in the tone you set. You figured out a while ago that you don't have the power to change the corruption in your community, it turned you more bitter and angry. I'd also have to guess your singular focus has had some impact on your personal relationships. It all feeds back into the hate you feel for the local government.

Take a step back and understand if your observations are accurate than a tipping point will be reached and the reality you've railed against will be revealed . Eventually people will be held accountable for this debacle. Letting it affect who you are as a person is wasted and only causing you to suffer.

I write this as a guy who started trying to "awaken" my friends, family and community to the seriousness of the economic collapse 18 months ago. What I ended up doing was learning a lesson in perceived permanence. People will always see tomorrow in the terms set by yesterday.

I offer this with no condescension of who you are and what makes you post. I have respect for your passion but do see why it fails to be recognized. I could also be 100% wrong. Happens frequently.

Good luck.

Duncan McGeary said...


But he's still batshit crazy.

bruce said...

Dunc, you have personally got me hooked on graphic novels.

As for Bilbo, he is crazy smart. Wouldn't want to admit you agree with him, even if you do.

Locally, it is an earthquake. Three builder-funded Council candidates sweep the election while two more are open, and will probably be appointed--i.e. Telfer and Freidman.

Which way do we turn? That is the question, and sadly our media does not have much information that will inform us.

Duncan McGeary said...

Oh, I could handle it when the shit was up to my knees....

Now, he just crazy.

dryfire said...

Re: Poker - I disagree about the poker thing. It is difficult to play well consistently - requires patience to the nth degree and serious aggression when the iron is hot. You cannot wait for a pat hand to play, you must take calculated chances to avoid being bled to death by the blinds. Despite doing everything right you will often lose a series of hands to real a hoser. Separate games are really episodes of one lifelong game, until your last game. And, perhaps the most important lesson: you cannot wish a hand to be a winner - if you think you are beaten, you probably are. Get out now and play another day. Reserve resources for when you can optimize your returns. Sounds like an apt analogy for.... business?

Duncan McGeary said...

I should probably revise that to: poker in moderation.

I think it got a little beyond that. But Poker, in itself, is not 'shady' as I put it, but is in a very gray area.

I'm thinking a bit more skepticism was warranted.

Anonymous said...

Which way do we turn? That is the question, and sadly our media does not have much information that will inform us.


Far worse than that The Source reported (10/7/2008) that Obama won in Deschutes County days after the election, and used bad numbers to justify the story. The fact is PALIN won by 300 votes!!!!

The media isn't just ignoring story's they're making up their own reality, so they can have a left & right manufactured in Bend for consumption. Chomsky calls it "Manufacturing Consent", but consent for what? We'll just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...
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