Friday, November 28, 2008

Drinking and Shopping don't mix.

I don't drink much anymore. Hardly at all.

Family dinners are my weakness. Everyone drinking wine, and having a good time.

So, I had a few beers.

And slept terribly. It just ain't worth is anymore.

So be kind, this Black Friday.


Of course, Diamond chose today to hit me with a wondrous array of discounted books. Wonderful art books, Alex Raymond, Franklin Booth. I'm just a sucker for that.

But I already have hundreds of art books, which are displayed spine out.

Nothing more useless than inventorying an art book without showing the cover.

So, before I knew it, I'd ordered hundreds of dollars worth.

Hit the delete button, and went to work.

Not this time.


Not expecting a whole lot today. Black Friday has become more of a Mass Market Phenom.

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