Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just Like Lincoln.

Oh, for god's sake, give the guy a chance. I'm talking to you, my fellow leftists.

How would you like to get your PGA card and told you're the next Tiger Woods?

Or welcomed into the NBA as the next Jordan?

Thanks, but no thanks.

Talk about setting someone up for failure.

He isn't even in office yet!

Also to my fellow liberals. Sure, he ran as a 'anti-war' candidate, but I think it was pretty clear from the beginning that he was going to be pragmatic about it. Hell, if anything, he was a hawk about Afghanistan. Haven't you noticed that we seem to be winning? Why would we throw that away by a precipitous withdrawal?

He was always most likely going to follow General Petraous's advice, anyway.

I always figured that he'd be pretty centrist. That he would, as he vowed, bring in members of the other side. Were you planning to just have a left version of Bush?

Again, thanks but no thanks.

As far as having tantrums because he is appointing old Clinton folk? Who else was he going to put in?

Grow up.

But I do have a criticism.

Hilary Clinton as S of S? I have no problem with that. But are we looking at four years of Bill Clinton scandals? God love him, but old Bill got real rich real fast, once the old rules of disclosure didn't apply.

If nothing else, it will make for a lively presidency.

I think we ought to wait and see how everything plays out. Let him act with "deliberate haste."

Just like Lincoln?

I tell you what. I'd settle for a pretty good president, right now. A Truman, a Polk, yes, even a Clinton.

Give the guy a chance.


RDC said...

Grab your pop corn the show of leftist infighting is just beginning. Obama vs Pelosi by itself will be worth the cost of admission.

just like the infighting among the Conservatives 8 years ago.

RDC said...

Uh, Truman had a approval rating at the end of his administration similar to the one Bush has.