Tuesday, November 18, 2008

News of the Weird.

Let's be honest - - Is it just me, or is the news getting weirder and weirder around here?

Maybe I just haven't been paying enough attention all these years to the local "If it Bleeds, it Leads" T.V. stations?

I visit both KTVZ and KOHD websites, nowadays, even if I never listen to the actual newscasts.

That's why those mugshots really leap out at me. (Still noticing the really short hair on the perps....what, do they shave them in jail and they just haven't been out for very long?)

The Morticia-looking lady from Redmond stealing everything in sight. Really, I expected the rest of the Addams Family.

Or the Good Samanitarian who got in the middle of a fight in the street. (Apparently, the assailants were wielding broken windows from the Pink Pusseycat as weapons.)

Knife fights everywhere. (Have you noticed that anything short of a samurai sword results in less than fatal results? Same fights with guns, and there'd be a few more dead bodies. Just saying...this isn't a argument against guns. Well, maybe a little...)

And the true outrage. The kind of thing that bothers everyone. People shooting cats and horses and other critters.

I can watch any number of First 48 Hours type shows, but I can't watch Animal Cops. Cruelty to animals makes me sick.

I tell you, every thing's falling apart around here.

But, fortunately, we have professional City Managers who are probably paying close attention, and will be sure to fix it.


Jason said...

"But, fortunately, we have professional City Managers who are probably paying close attention, and will be sure to fix it."

I guess nobody told you about Santa Claus yet, either.

With Apologies To Henry David said...

But, fortunately, we have professional City Managers who are probably paying close attention, and will be sure to fix it.

Duncan -- This is a cheap Shot. Unless you have more information than the news media has then don't hang our friends to the north. People are People and those in the public eye are just that -- their personal life is on view for the public to view and comment. The internet allows for such cheap shots but at least you are not doing it anonymously.

I don't know city manager from the north on a personal basis or have information other than what's in the media so I won't pass judgment until more information comes to light. There is one fact you have correct. He is a true professional in his employment and his dedication to public service.

My 2 cents worth -- Now back for coffee at Thump!

Duncan McGeary said...

I wondered if that was too mean...

dryfire said...

Random musings not necessarily directly related to your post:

I have an analogy that I use that helps me understand why humans persist in self - defeating behavior. Our psyches (psychi?) work like computers, starting from the top of a list of subroutines that are triggered by a an event or set of conditions. When the subroutine is completed, conditions satisfied, the mind then goes to the next routine, computes, goes to the next routine, etc.
That is all fine and good and works well for most people and circumstances. One problem with that set up is that, without self awareness, one's response to any given stimulus is always the same, that is, limited creativity. Furthermore, a significant portion of our species suffer from defective subroutines that result in endless loops. When ever an individual encounters a given triggering event or circumstance, bing! the endless loop kicks in. It stays in error mode until meltdown occurs or his brain is rebooted. I see this all of the time in my occupation - corrections. Obviously these are extreme cases. But I see the same syndrome to lesser degrees in a lot of people. I suffer it myself on occasion until my wife steps in and hits the escape button.
Maybe this current economic crisis is a good thing in the long run, perhaps it will act to "reboot" some brains and may, it we are lucky, inspire a software re-write.