Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Here's my fear.

50 thousand enthusiastic Obama supporters go to his rally.

Yes, we can!

Yes, we can!

25 thousand Obama supporters go home and forget to vote.

25 thousand lukewarm McCain supporters got to his rally.


But all 25 thousand McCain supporters go to vote.

So we got 25 thousand Obama supporters waiting in line.
We got 25 thousand McCain supporters waiting in line.

The little old lady with a walker who is convinced Obama is a Muslim patiently waits to vote.

The young first time voter who thinks Obama is cool also waits.

It starts to rain.

A cellphone rings. Where are you, man? The party has already started. Off the young Obama supporter goes. After all, it's going to be a landslide for Obama, or so he's been told.

Biddy bing, biddy bang, biddy boom!

McCain/Palin are in.

How did that happen?


BENDBUST said...

Palin will win in Bend by a landslide.

The rest of the country, as you suggest.

In 2000 Bush got 52% of the Bend vote.

In 2004 Bush got 58% of the Bend vote.

I think Palin will get over 60% of the Bend vote, they think the RE bubble will return, its their only hope.

The majority of Bend are Pug.

BENDBUST said...

Stock market is up today, so much for Wall-Street not liking Obama.


Two or three months ago the liberal 'atlantic monthly' did a ten page story on the OR-bam-EO and said that everyone had projected all their needs on to him, that he had no possibility in hell of ever making anyone happy or accomplishing anything.

Within two years he'll be the most despised prez in history, note HOOVER got blamed for the depression, and so will OREO.

The PUG's will take over the house&senate in two years, and OREO will be another CARTER.

I wish it weren't so, I really wish, but OREO is a 'more of the same'. If I start seeing him stuff his cabinet with new faces I might lean towards some belief, but what I see is BUSH people and old CARTER & RAYGUN people being his mentors, that's NOT a good sign, and its NOT change.

If I see him REMOVE all the Goldman-Sachs people from public office I might start calling him Obama. If I see him change the terms of the bailout such there is a salary cap on any firm that takes bail-out money I would get involved with the DEM party.

My expectations are so low, that my only hope is that he's not Bush.


I voted all down the DEM line, I have never done this in my life, I'm so fucking pissed at the Pug's. In all prior elections I voted for Nader ( or an equiv none-of-above ), I went ahead and voted down the DEM line because I wanted to Send the Pugs a strong message, I hope everyone sends the bastard 'PUG' killers a strong message.

bruce said...

I was scared, too. But it didn't matter. Even here in Deschutes County:

United States President & Vice President
Vote for 1
Ralph Nader 415 (0.8%)
Cynthia McKinney 88 (0.17%)
John McCain 24,932 (47.81%)
Bob Barr 183 (0.35%)
Chuck Baldwin 152 (0.29%)
Current Race Leader Barack Obama 26,072 (50%)
WRITE-IN 305 (0.58%)

Total: 52,147

Pedro Hemes Valdes Ortega said...

So your fear didn't come true, instead Obama won, yet in most places people voted for their Senator.

People feared a house and executive controlled by Democrats.

So we have a DEM prez, and a solid DEM majority in both houses.

The DEM's now have no excuse to get somethign done, as they have accomplished nothing since the Pelosi win.

Obama has never made an un-popular vote, or gone against his party in his entire political career. A politician who has calculated his steps to the whitehouse that makes the Clinton childhood dream appear happenstance.

My fear is that Obama is a Pelosi, that everything that we 'HOPE' for is now off the table, as everything that won Pelosi her seat became 'off the table' once she won.

Obama is and has always been status quo, and anything that makes life uncomfortable for the owners of the USA will be 'off the table', and thus there will be no change.

This AM the entire world media is now in tune with ONE MESSAGE "First black US president', but so what. It's not going change anything, and most blacks said at the beginning "Obama ain't black".