Friday, November 21, 2008

Delete it is.

Just saved myself 600.00 bucks.

What's interesting to me, this time around, is how there is an almost perfect correlation between sales and orders. Of course, you say. But that's not always how its worked out in the past, either because my pre-orders were too high, or because I just didn't have enough inventory to carry it.

Other than those pesky spot shortages I've mentioned, this is perfectly manageable. Even the spot shortages can wait, since the customers are a bit more understanding.

The news is full of reports that 'consignment' and 'used' type stores are doing very well.

I can pretty much confirm this, because my wife's store is holding its own. I'm feeling rather good about the way we 'hedged' our bets. After listening to all the news about layoffs, Linda turned to me last night and said, "Aren't you glad we aren't working for anyone else?"

Meanwhile, there's this from one of the comic sites I visit, ICV2:

"Chain bookseller Barnes & Noble reported a larger than expected loss in the third quarter and reduced its sales and earnings forecast for the holiday season. B&N announced a loss of $18.4 million for the quarter compared with a profit of $4.4 million in the third quarter of 2007. Same-store sales dipped 7.4% in Q3 and the company expects them to decline from 6% to 9% in the fourth quarter, which would yield a 5% to 6% decline for the full year. Barnes & Noble CEO Steven Riggio blamed “a significant drop-off in customer traffic and consumer spending” for the drop in the key indicator of same-store sales."

Oh, I like that.

"...a significant drop-off in customer traffic and consumer spending" for the drop in...sales."

Well, ah, yeah, that would do it.

If it seems like I'm writing more than usual, I probably have a bit more free time.
I'm also going home at night less tired. So there are compensations.

I'm going to try to let myself read at the store next year, rather than blather on or play solitaire or wipe the counters or ...

I've always resisted this, because nothing kills the enjoyment of reading like being interrupted on a constant basis.

But...I'm not in danger of being interrupted as much, and I really need to make better use of my time. Even reading one comic a day would mean 30 comics a month. Or 2. Or 3. At least, I can browse them.

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