Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fun at Home.

Years ago I picked up the graphic novel Fun Home at random and started reading it. I hadn't heard anything about it (I think this was before it took off) and the subject matter wasn't what usually interested me.  I must have read a few pages.

Anyway, the book blew me away.  I told everyone I could about it, and proclaimed it was the best book I read that year, of any form, which was a pretty big endorsement from me who reads 10 prose novels for every graphic novel.

It went on the gain accolades everywhere.  Now the Broadway musical has been nominated for 12 Tony awards.

Amazing.  Sometimes the good guys win.


Drank some beer the other night, for the first time in probably six months.  (When I drink, which is rarely, I prefer white wine.)

By the second bottle, my eyes were puffing up and my nose was running.  Proof positive, though I really didn't need it, that I'm allergic to something in beer.  Craft beer.  When I used to drink beer on a regular basis, years ago, I finally settled on Miller High Life, not because it was my favorite but because it seemed to have the fewest side effects.  Craft beer out of a 7/11 was unheard of back then.


I asked the landscaper for a more modest contract, for just mowing and fertilizing the lawn.  Last year I paid 280.00 a month, but they did a lot.  Helped me with the irrigation, trimmed the trees, and a lot of other stuff.  I'd been so deep into writing the year before that I needed help catching up.

But the contract was more or less for 7 months, so 2000.00.  She wanted to start in Mid-March and I told her that was unnecessary and I was right -- everything was looking great in Mid-April.

Anyway, I offered her 150.00 a month for two lawn mowings, plus two fertilizing for the season.

"That isn't even worth my time unloading the lawn mower," she says. 

So I thank her for her services, charge up my lawnmower, and mow my lawn.  In 40 minutes.  With a 10 minute recharge in the middle.  So, you know, half an hour.

So basically an hour a month.  For 150.00.  Or 150.00 per hour. 


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