Sunday, April 5, 2015

Building the book foundations for an eventful ending.

I wrote three Tuskers viewpoint chapters in the last three days, thus building one corner of the architecture of the story.  With the foundation in place, I can build the plot higher.

I'm not terribly happy with these chapters, but they should hold up until I can improve them.

Now I need a chapter from the folk at the Pederson barn, a couple more chapters from the citizens of Sagauro, then a couple of chapters of the conflict between the two groups, then the climactic chapters of humans versus Tuskers.   That should about do it.  I'm at about 36K words, with about 50K envisioned.

Today I have a fill-in chapter that I don't know will work.  There are several chapters in this book that I might jettison if they aren't improved.

Anyway, I'm making progress.

The thing I'm most encouraged about is that for both this book and for Tuskers IV, I have sufficiently eventful climaxes lined up.  The whole book doesn't work if I can't come up with good enough endings, and I've built these books so that the potential for something grand is there.

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