Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Finished Tuskers III

Finished Tuskers III.  Such a satisfying feeling.

I finished a couple of days early.  Got on a bit of a roll the last couple of days, finished strong.

I had to change things around a lot while writing this book because I wanted the ending to be strong.  So it's very gratifying that it actually worked.  Hopefully, all this preparation will make the series climax all that much stronger too. 

I had some doubts while I was doing it.  It would have been easier just to go with what I had before.  But I knew that the ending wouldn't be as consequential as it needed to be.  Okay, but not great.  I'm not saying the ending will now be great, but I've given it a chance to be.

I'm stretching myself here -- taking some risk.  Maybe everyone will get tired of the story long before it finishes, which could be embarrassing.

But the story will exist.  It's the story in my head, and in the end, that's the most important thing to me as a writer. 

I liked the ending so much, especially since it was what I set out to do, that I think I should just go ahead and work on Tuskers IV next.  I hadn't planned on doing that, but now I'm curious to see where the story goes.

That's a good sign.

I can now also see how the book could be five books.  Because of the ending.  All the writing is preparation for the ending, which shouldn't be rushed.

A little delayed gratification.

Somehow these pigs have gotten into my head.  Especially considering I barely went into their POV in the first book, and had great trepidation about doing it in the second book.  By the third book, they've become even more important, and by the fourth book...who knows?

Plus, if I do end up at five books, you'd have to say this is my magnum opus so far.  I never expected my humble little pig story, that I wrote for fun, to take over like this.

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