Monday, April 13, 2015

Finishing forgives all.

I'm very near the end of the first draft of Tuskers III.  Should have it done by Wednesday.

I'm right on schedule, though it felt at times like I wasn't making any progress.  None of this book was easy.  I spent many hours just sitting or lying there, trying to come up with the first sentence of a scene. It felt like I was wasting a huge amount of time.

But finishing forgives all.  Finishing means it was worth it.  Finishing means it wasn't wasted.

I think it's a worthy addition to the storyline.  It's probably the least conclusive of the first three books in that it is a set up for the final climax of the next book(s).  A matter of getting the characters in deeper and deeper trouble.

In other words, a third act in a four or five act play.

I've decided I will finish the story in four books, instead of five -- if I can.  If, in writing the fourth book, I find that the story needs to be continued, then I'll do that.

The hardest part of writing a long story like this is to come up with a satisfying conclusion.  The reason I'm writing this as a four or five part story is because anything less would feel rushed and wouldn't have a final payoff worthy of the story.

I realized the thematic arc of this story required that I spin two plotlines per book, instead of trying three plotlines, so that it will be less confusing to the reader.  So, in a sense, I'm simplifying by adding, if that makes any sense.  Two plotlines each for two books, instead of three plotlines for one book.

Book III is going to require a good stiff rewrite, but I can do that.  For example, I wrote a chapter yesterday that was very unsatisfying.  I went back, added in what I thought was missing, and when I was done, the chapter felt firm, it felt good.  I just need to do that to the entire book.

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