Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Audible editon of Tuskers is out.

The Audible edition of Tuskers is out.   TUSKERS

This wasn't my idea.  The book was purchased by Audible and was narrated by a professonal actor.

I've listened to the first five minutes and it is definitely an interesting experience.  I wrote that!

I don't want to be distracted from the book I'm writing, so I'm holding off listening to the entire book.

It's about 5 hours long.   It costs $14.99, which surprised me -- I guess I thought it would be like an ebook, slightly cheaper.  Linda says this is actually on the low end of what new audio books costs.

How cool is that?  I got an advance, which was very cool, but the way the contract is written I won't see royalties for a long, long time (assuming there are any.)  Since this is a book that Amazon has a financial stake in, I'm hoping they'll spend a little time promoting it.

Also interesting is that it is in the Contemporary Science Fiction section, instead of Horror.  This means that it is being offered to a much wider audience -- but also with much more competition.

My estimate is that about 3 to 5 new books of this genre are offered on Audible each day. (As opposed to hundreds of regular science fictiony books.)

Anyway, for anyone who has been curious about my books, and wants a painless way to check them out, here's your chance.  

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