Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Listening to Tuskers

Linda is listening to Tuskers.  I've caught about half an hour of it, fascinated.  I'll listen to the whole thing someday, but even listening to it this long, I learned some things.

First of all, it seems so sure footed, so professional.  It helps to have a professional voice reader, I think.  He adds to it.  But the book flows really well.  I'm amazed by how much time I spent setting up the characters and scenario, and yet keeping enough of the action to be interesting.  I'm amazed at the connections I created within the story.

The interesting thing is, it really does have some humor to it.  I kept getting that response, and couldn't quite figure it out because I didn't remember trying for humor.

But what happened, I think, is that I was just trying to make the dialogue and the narration interesting, and the humor was just a natural part of that. 

I think this has convinced me more than anything that maybe I really am a writer.  I mean, it doesn't sound the slightest bit amateurish.  It is exactly what it is supposed to be.  I think I can be proud of it.

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