Friday, April 10, 2015

I don't have that kind of fortitude.

You know how when you make a big decision that hadn't planned on making and you instantly know it's the right decision?

Quitting checking my rankings and sales and reviews yesterday had more impact than I thought it would.  It sort of reminds me of when I quit smoking years ago: I suddenly had all this free time on my hands and free hands on my time.  I never knew that so much of my day was made up of that.

Anyway, I can tell this is the right thing to do.  Just concentrate on the writing.

Makes me wonder how much free time I'd have if I stopped using the internet or watching TV?

The days would certainly be longer.  A life extension, so to speak.  Especially if you're the type of person I am, who is perfectly happy to be by myself.

But no...the other day I woke up and my wifi was down and boy, did the morning feel empty. 

So it's all good in theory, but I don't think I have that kind of fortitude.

Besides, I'd probably just use up all that free time reading -- which would be better than internet and TV browsing, perhaps, but would still take up all the time.

Anyway, I feel like I have writing time in front of me, and that's a great thing.

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Andy Z said...

How many times I gotta tell ya. :-P

It's like stepping on the scale 20 times a day. Totally toxic.