Friday, April 24, 2015

More games than room.


I did it again.  My distributor was having a sale so I thought I'd order everything off the list that we didn't have and thought we could use.

Ended up with about 8,000.00 (Retail...) worth of boardgames, roleplaying, card games, and miniatures. 

I started calculating how much space I had in my store and realized I probably can't even display them all!  Stupid, stupid.

Not to mention budget busting.

But I can't resist a good sale.

I spent all day yesterday trying to clear away some room.  This kind of periodic over-ordering has at least one beneficial side-effect: It forces me to move or remove tired product.  It forces me to be creative in how I display things.  It forces me to change the look of the store, which is probably something that should happen once in a while anyway.

It also means I have to work one of my days off.  Just as I was getting some real inspiration on my writing.

Oh, well. The damage is done. will look kind of cool, and there won't be anyone who can say I've neglected the game part of the store.  


Anonymous said...

Can't resist a good sale...but won't have them at his store.

Duncan McGeary said...