Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuskers III is done, first draft.

I finally put all the pieces in place.  I'll give it a quick readthru and doodle with it while I'm waiting for Lara to finish The Last Fedora.

I think the basic story is good -- I'm not completely satisfied with the writing, but I think I need some distance there, and letting Lara edit will give me the distance I need, plus, as always, I can hope she'll comes up with magical solutions.

So, by sheer coincidence, I now have three books that are more or less finished at the same time! That is, that if I had to put them out in say, a month, I could.

Faerylander is with Bren, and the original deadline for her edit is the end of the month.  She may have (probably) suggestions that require some work. 

The Last Fedora edit by Lara is supposed to be done within a week or so -- and this one I'm actually ready to send off, with a few adjustments.

And Tuskers III, which needs to be edited by Lara, and could also probably use a fresh look in a month or two.

So I'm actually at a point where I could start a new book, if it's one of the quick ones, with flow.

I always wonder if the idea will be there when I need it.  I do have one idea, which I'll just call, The Manic Pixie Girl Murders, but I won't know how much is there until I start writing it.  I'm going to allow myself to break off from writing a new book if it doesn't flow.  What I like is that it is different, and I think that's what I should shoot for.  Tuskers was a change of direction.  The Last Fedora was a change of direction.  The Manic Pixie Girl Murders would definitely be a change of direction.

Tuskers flowed.  The Last Fedora flowed.

That's the kind of book I want to write, instead of getting bogged down in rewrites.  I think I'm addicted to the "New."

What I don't know yet is whether I'll have a "Flow" book when I want it.

Like...right now.

But, even as I write this, some ideas have started to come to me.  Heh.

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