Monday, January 19, 2015

Simplifying my goal.

Finish the book.

Just that.

Don't worry about the length, don't even worry about the quality of the writing.

Just finish.

I was on such a roll for two years that it is a little disheartening to fall back to my more dysfunctional ways.  It's all because I emerged from my writing fog and interacted with the real world.  I know it couldn't be helped.  It was going to have to happen at some point.

But I yearn for the innocence of those two years when I could daydream about what would happen without having to find out what would really happen.  I have decided that most of the promotional distractions I've done have been fairly ineffective.  (And I've done none of the really distracting things like conventions or signings.)

So I want to just get back to the steady writing and the steady finishing of my stories.  I felt very empowered there for awhile.  I'd like to get that feeling back.

Forget about the rest.

Get it done, and then write another and get it done. 

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Anonymous said...

I used to enjoy your blog and the Bend bubble blogs a long time ago. Am from the Willamette valley, and enjoyed watching the real estate discussion from afar. Now I just saw this article in the Bend Bulletin and wondered if it can possibly be true. It makes it sound like it's 2006 around there, again! Curious to know what you think.
Jeff R.