Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Back where I started.

Pegasus Books has finally gotten back to where we were in 2007.  We beat that year by a very small percentage.  Going into the downturn I predicted a 7 year turnaround, based on what I'd read, and sure enough, that is exactly how long it took to get back.

The holiday season beat last year, which I didn't think it would do.

Everything but game cards were up this year.  Game cards are a nice sideline, but I refuse to discount more than I already do (and even now, Magic is the only product I significantly discount at all.)  So there will be steady erosion there, and I don't much care.

Games had a good year again, and new books continue to increase.

Comics and graphic novels had a good year, and I attribute much of that to Cameron and Matt's efforts.

Even toys were up slightly.

The store seems steady and stable, if not spectacular, and in good hands and I feel like I can continue to write.

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