Friday, January 9, 2015

Person of Interest has gotten very good.

Agent Carter was loads of fun.  It set just the right tone.  Love the 40's styles, the cliff-hanger plotting.  They spent some money on this thing, and it shows.  The main actress is very good (and dare I say voluptuous?)

Meanwhile, I've been saying for awhile that the only network drama that is consistently great is The Good Wife.  Linda and I watch other shows, but mostly as filler.  Flash and Shield are innocuous fun.  CSI, Mentalist, Castle are all very formulaic.  Elementary tries to be more, but most often doesn't quite get there.

But last week's episode of Person of Interest was a real winner.  The dialogue was snappy and humorous, and I'm really loving the two A.I.'s fighting for world domination plot.  It's become much more of an ensemble piece -- Agent Reese was an intriguing character, but it was wearing thin.

I'm a sucker for alternative universe story lines (going back to my favorite STNG episodes with Moriarty)  -- and  the computer going through different scenarios is a satisfying plot trick, allowing for main characters to get killed...but not really.  They've almost managed to make the main computer a sympathetic character.

It feels to me that this show has finally found its groove.

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