Saturday, January 24, 2015

Deflated balls.

I've been watching Korean movies on Netflix.  They are absurd and entertaining.  Absurdly entertaining.  Weird and different and fun.


So we always talk about World War II as being the "good" war.  But saving South Korea is looking pretty worthy, too.  More so all the time.


A guy who just quit 10 Barrel was in the store yesterday and said it had all gone to shit.  New owners are awful.

The former owners were in the Bulletin this morning, sounding smug as shit.

Take your money and go away, guys.


Another local business was prominently profiled in the Bulletin awhile back.

The article talks about the problems the business was having, and four solutions to the problems.

None of the solutions addressed the problems, and from my outlook, being in a similar business, all four solutions were actually steps backward.

Like, no one thinks through these things.  It sounds good, so...

Sorry, can't be any more specific than that...


Linda has been sick, so I've been expecting to get sick.  I may have escaped it, knock wood.  But I've been sleeping in the guest room and no matter how comfortable the new bed is, I still wasn't sleeping well.

Operating on a few hours of sleep, lately.


Pegasus Books continues to do well, and I'm starting to think my absence is a plus not a minus.  (Yeah, yeah, you don't have to agree.)


Wondering if I should keep my Downtown Comings and Goings list active.  I'm pretty sure I'm missing things, and if the list isn't accurate, it ain't worth much.

The Great Recession is over, so maybe I should let it go.


Got in a stack of 30 used conservative books.

I challenge you to read those titles and tell me there isn't "hate" involved.  I mean, it's pretty nakedly awful.  Sorry, the liberal books just don't have the same bile.  (Mocking maybe...)



Taking a break from social media.

I don't think any of the promotional things I did for Tuskers worked.

Led to the Slaughter continues to sell just as well without any pushing by me.

What the hell.


I dreamed three incredibly detailed 'reviews' of Tuskers last night.  Down to every word.  But they were describing a book I didn't write.  The book they were describing was in some ways better.


American Sniper.  No way to have a nuanced discussion of it.  Better to stay away from it altogether.  The Third Rail of movies.


Not much into football these days.  I hated the way the Seahawks were forced on me on TV when I was growing up.  (Oregon and Washington are the same, right?)

But I can't help but root for the 5' 10" quarterback.


Man, I have a scattered brain.

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